Therapy and Healing
for Women by Women

A place for women to see themselves in a new way.

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Who Are We?

We've created a sacred therapeutic practice for women to be validated, heard, affirmed, and seen.

Seen Therapy is passionate about creating safe, supportive, and empowering experiences while walking side by side with you on your journey towards healing.

Our Services

Our specialized team of clinicians will help you get to the root of your distress.

Individual Therapy


Individual therapy provides a personal one-on-one focus in partnership with your therapist.


Seen Therapy believes having the right fit with your therapist is essential.

Group Therapy


Group therapy is more than “talk therapy.” 


When clients participate in group therapy, it deepens their connection and relation to others in all parts of their life.

H.I.T. Intensives


Honesty, Intimacy

& Transparency

An intensive provides focused, short term therapy, with individualized solutions to healing. Intensives are customized to be more frequent over a shorter time span to accelerate your recovery. 

Movement & Mindfulness


Connect with your body and your divine feminine wisdom.


Discover more self-compassion while listening to yourself and your narrative.

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All consultations are confidential and free

Self -Assessment

Taking an assessment can help you identify the symptoms contributing to your distress. It is also a helpful way to gain insight about yourself and your relationships.


We believe in

building connection with yourself and others 

increasing intimacy in all aspects of your life

female empowerment
healing from trauma

and all the unique parts that make you, YOU!

We see you.

What Our Clients are Saying:

“This is my first positive experience working with a therapist and I have gained so much personal growth since working with Desiree."


I worked with Desiree when I started experiencing a cascade of dramatic events in my last relationship, which eventually led to a painful and traumatic breakup. She provided strong emotional counseling and spiritual support throughout and after the time being.


- M.L.