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If you have experienced intimate partner betrayal, you know it is one of the most painful and difficult things one can ever experience. Confusion, disbelief, shame and isolation are common feelings resulting from betrayal. Finding the right support during the acute stage of trauma can be critical to your healing.


At Seen Therapy, we provide individual and group therapy for women experiencing the devastating impacts of partner betrayal trauma. Group therapy is a powerful platform for sharing and learning and can supplement the individual work you may already be doing.


Betrayal wounds come in all shapes and sizes and at times the symptoms of betrayal may even mimic those of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). There are so many questions and decisions that seemingly need to be made. The first thing you need to do, before anything, is to start feeling safe again.


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Some examples of betrayal you may have experienced may include:

  • Partner betrayal due to infidelity

  • Partner betrayal due to: sex, porn, and love addiction

  • Work betrayal

  • Community betrayal

  • Religious or cultural betrayal

  • Relational betrayal (friendships)

  • Body betrayal

    • a recent chronic or long time diagnosis may have left you feeling like your body has let you down

  • Gender betrayal

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