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Danielle Appleman

MSW Clinical Intern

About Danielle

Danielle (she/her) is interning for Seen Therapy while she pursues her final year of her Master in Social Work (MSW) at Columbia University. Her graduate study’s focus areas are health, mental health, and disability. While at Columbia, she has studied systems of oppression and its sociocultural influence on the intersections of people’s identities, including race, gender, culture, and sexual orientation. She is particularly interested in studying the complexity of childhood trauma and its impact in adulthood, especially on a person’s sexuality.


Danielle’s previous field experience was working at the Jewish Board of Faith and Family Services, providing individual psychotherapy for children and adults at an out-patient community mental health clinic located in the Bronx. She helped clients cope with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health issues. Prior to pursuing her graduate degree, she worked as a private criminal defense investigator and a nonpartisan staff investigator for congressional investigations in Washington, D.C.


Danielle is dedicated to providing a compassionate and non-judgemental space for her clients to effectuate meaningful change in their lives. She seeks to treat her clients holistically, exploring how their environment, societal influences, and family systems shaped who they are today. She utilizes a strength-based and trauma-informed approach to identify sources of change with their self-image, behaviors, and relationships.

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