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5 Reasons Why Joining a Women's Partner Betrayal Group Might Be Right For You

If you have experienced intimate partner betrayal, you know it is one of the most painful and difficult things one can ever experience. Confusion, disbelief, shame and isolation are common feelings resulting from betrayal. Finding the right support during the acute stage of trauma can be critical to your healing.

At Seen Therapy, we provide individual and group therapy for women experiencing the devastating impacts of partner betrayal trauma. Group therapy is a powerful platform for sharing and learning and can supplement the individual work you may already be doing.

Below are 5 reasons why joining group therapy can be life changing for betrayed partners and the right step to take towards a path of healing.

5 Reasons Why Joining a Women's Partner Betrayal Group Might Be Right For You:


In our Women's Partner Betrayal Groups at Seen Therapy, we help our members gain clarity and safety, and rebuild trust. Through the groups we provide a secure platform for women to connect to other women who may be experiencing similar impacts post betrayal. Our group therapy sessions are safe and supportive spaces where what is said and shared in group, stays in group.


The isolation that comes along with the betrayal after finding out about your partners infidelity and/or sexual addiction can have devastating impacts. You may experience judgment by others or feeling like you can't tell family or even your closest friends. This is very common but it also leaves you isolated at a very difficult time. Finding the right group with women who are on a similar journey can remove that sense of isolation as well as the shame that partners often feel. You don’t have to be alone in your hurt.


At Seen Therapy, our practice is operated by women and we hire female clinicians to provide specialized support. Experiencing betrayal can have lasting impacts, so we feel it is important to be in the care of therapists who specialize in and understand the effects of betrayal trauma on a woman's mind, body and soul. We don't only look at how trauma impacts a woman's mind and heart, but also the effects on the body that many female partners experience as a result of betrayal.


The group is led by CPTT's (Certified Partner Trauma Therapists). A Certified Partner Trauma Therapist (CPTT) is a therapist trained by the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP) in working with people who have experienced betrayal trauma. They understand the nuances and complexities of betrayal trauma and have a skill set that many other therapists do not. Our therapists can guide you through what might be the most challenging part of your life.


The group is designed to provide support and understanding in the aftermath of the discovery of your partner's sexual addiction and /or out-of-control acting out behaviors. Over the course of the 12 weeks, we will work together to encourage you and other group members to engage in the group while sharing your experiences. The group is psychoeducational and experiential and promotes the blend of different modalities including sharing with other group members and the use of exercises. The group will also focus on learning how to set healthy boundaries, fostering a support network, family of origin work, getting to know our anger, rediscovering your value and worth, self-compassion, coping with triggers, learning how betrayal and trauma impacts the body, understanding the disease of sexual addiction, and more.

There is hope on the other side of betrayal, and it starts with support and connection.

What members are saying about Seen Therapy's Partner Betrayal Trauma Groups:

  • "In a betrayal experience that is extremely isolating, heavy with grief, and riddled with both immense anger and immense pain, the betrayed partners group has helped me feel seen and validated in a gentle and supportive space. I also feel gently guided toward healthier ways of relating to myself, my spouse, and my peers. It’s been a healing experience for which I am so thankful."

  • "The group facilitator leads with an amazing level of compassion, with an acute listening ability, with consistent affirmation, and with perception and insight. I always felt at ease with her skills as a facilitator and with her regard for each person"

  • "The empowerment with boundaries I learned in group was so helpful and the knowledge of the stages of recovery for the betrayed partner gave me the confidence to express where I was in them."

  • "The facilitator has a gift for connecting with each member and in truly seeing and feeling the experiences we are going through to help explain and make sense of them. She facilitates discussions with grace and truly leads a wonderful support group that I look forward to each week."

Beginning on January 13th, Seen Therapy is starting a new 12-week therapy group for Betrayed partners. To learn more about the group or get support from a therapist or Certified Partner Trauma Therapist at Seen Therapy, contact us today.

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