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What it Means to be "Seen"

This week we asked our Seen community what it means to them to be "SEEN." Here's what we learned...

Being SEEN is a crucial part of human connection. In fact, it’s how we as humans develop our sense of self. We are most apt to thrive when we are connected to others. When we are connected with others it means we can feel safe and allow those who we have relationships with to know our truest and authentic selves. Being SEEN also helps to remind us that we matter and ultimately promotes emotional well being.

Since we all have unique experiences, we asked our SEEN community to share what being SEEN means to them. Here are some of the responses: “Being seen is being exposed on a beautifully intimate level - knowing my voice is heard and my truth is being accurately received without judgment - and feeling loved and accepted for exactly who I am. “ “Real, true, connection” “Been seen means being acknowledged for who you authentically are, the “good” and the “bad”. “Being seen to me means that I know I can be myself. And I don't have to pretend to be someone else so another person can feel ok about themselves.” “Being seen is being accepted!” “When I am seen, I feel I can be the most authentic version of myself” "Being Seen means being vulnerable" “I am seen when I can let others into my emotions”

“I cannot be seen unless I first see myself. If I see and accept myself then I am able to let my romantic interests in” “Being seen is really about mastering the art of boundaries. Being beautifully unapologetic and creating ways to take care of ME. Those who respect those boundaries and usually the people who I feel really get me, really SEE me. “ “ I am affirmed and I am self actualized when I am seen” “Not being judged by anyone, including myself”

What does Being SEEN mean to you? Comment below: If you are in individual or group therapy I encourage you to consider this question and bring your thoughts and feelings into those spaces. Sending light,

Desiree Nazarian

How can Seen Therapy help? If you are interested in learning more about Seen Therapy and how to deepen your connection to yourself and others contact us today for a free and confidential 15 minute consultation. Call: 1-800-607-7922 or email ***Seen Therapy provides individual, group, and intensive therapy for women seeking healthier connections and healthier lifestyles. Specializing in therapy for Mental Health challenges, Trauma/PTSD, Women’s Sexual Health and Intimacy difficulties, Betrayal Trauma, and Sex and Love Addiction***

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