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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides a personal one-on-one focus in partnership with your therapist. Seen Therapy helps women find the right fit in a therapist and many clients view their relationship with their therapist as an alliance.
Depending on your needs, therapy can be short-term and focused on a specific goal or longer-term. Your therapist will help you delve deeper to address underlying issues and patterns that may be holding you back from feeling and living life the way you want.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is more than talk therapy. When clients participate in group therapy, it deepens their connection and relation to others. Group therapy can be one of the most intimate spaces you grow in.

Through structured psycho-educational and experiential modules, group therapy sessions offer guidance and support to clients. Group therapy also reduces shame, promotes universality and instills hope.

Group Therapy
Intensive Therapy "The HIT Program"

H.I.T. Intensives

Honesty, Intimacy, and Transparency

Our intensive program utilizes modern, integrative approaches to therapy while providing a positive and safe atmosphere. The goal is to provide intense, focused, short term therapy with individualized solutions to healing.

With an intensive, your therapy is customized to be more frequent over a shorter time span to accelerate your growth. 

We like to think of this as emotional aerobics. 

Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Intensives "The HIT Progam"

Movement & Mindfulness 

Connect with your body and your divine feminine wisdom. Discover more self-compassion while listening to yourself and your narrative. 

Trauma-Informed Movement & Mindfulness 
Trauma-Informed Movement & Mindfulness
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